by knumb the geek

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released September 1, 2012



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knumb the geek Berlin, New Jersey

knumb the geek is a solo acoustic act from the fetid swamps of south Jersey.  Shouting lyrics that all too often contain bad puns, knumb the geek combines folk and Americana roots music with a fuck you punk rock attitude.  knumb the geek does this because he has to. ... more

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Track Name: i disagree
Tryings just the first step of failure
cryings just the end of the laughter
lyings just the flip side of honesty
discretions the better part of valor
the prisoners locked up with the jailer
and god still must depend on devotee

where you going where you been
are you comfortable in your skin
Or would you rather trade it all with me
whats the point and whats the word
you sing a song thats never heard
you say youre giving up but i disagree

maybe I just dont believe in anything
maybe I'm too cynical to live
maybe I just dont get that excited
maybe I dont have a fuck to give
Track Name: in vino veritas
I stand alone in silence
in the age of atmosphere
a whisper in the darkness
a word no one will hear

I close my eyes and grind my teeth
I feel the skin crack underneath
I tense my muscles make a fist
my flesh burns where you kissed

I stand alone in silence
in the lake of blood and tears
I dive under the water
until I disappear

in vino veritas
in language lies
fond but not in love
asleep until we die

in vino veritas
in language lies
fond but not in love
awake but not alive
Track Name: like you always say
Im making mountains into molehills
im turning treasure into trash
I tried and quit so quick its like lickity split
I paid for poverty in cash

I had something good
and now its gone away
just like I knew it would
just like you always say

im making paper mache puppets
I make them dance up on the stage
yeah theres one for you and theres one for me
reciting lines from off a page

now its nothing new
its just another day
I know that its not true
its just a game we play

im making something out of nothing
I pull electrons from the air
I took your blood I took your spit and the finger nails you clipped
and made a doll out of your hair

all the things we do
the funny words you say
like I still love you too
it gonna be ok
Track Name: the chain
You could be something new
like the first bird that flew
left the earth and spread its wings
learned the song that no one sings
made a nest up on the moon
watched the world fall into ruin
visited venus and mars
ate the sun and drank the stars

we all look the same
way back to abel and cain
the same blood runs in our veins
another link in the chain

you could be something new
you could be the tree that grew
stretched its roots and shed its leaves
left the sun went underneath
dug so deep into the ground
disappeared was never found
until at last your roots curled
around the center of the world