by knumb the geek

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released October 1, 2012



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knumb the geek Berlin, New Jersey

knumb the geek is a solo acoustic act from the fetid swamps of south Jersey.  Shouting lyrics that all too often contain bad puns, knumb the geek combines folk and Americana roots music with a fuck you punk rock attitude.  knumb the geek does this because he has to. ... more

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Track Name: everything that ever was
Be smarter work harder
be better at life
a house and a baby
a beautiful wife
insurance and taxes
retirement plan
and before you know it
an old gray haired man

and this wont last forever
nothing ever does
just blink and its all over
everything that ever was

be nice and be friendly
go the extra mile
be kind and be gentle
do it with a smile
dont ask for rewards
or for praise or acclaim
dont do it for money
dont do it for fame
Track Name: a fire inside
You were in your room
listening through headphones to the dark side of the moon
it started in the womb
and followed you through life until you lay down in your tomb

but you can find
a reason to try
yeah you can find
a fire inside

laying on the floor
dancing on the walls and ceiling drawing on the door
always wanting more
adam ate an apple but then threw away the core

you were up a tree
try to reach the moon so you could bring it down for me
you were out to sea
trying not to try so hard trying to be free

the secret of life is written into this song
its etched in every atom of the universe
the years fly by but the seconds feel so long
and then one day its gone
Track Name: sucker club
Jesus they cry hes a hell of a guy
and he turned that water to wine
he came back from the dead with them thorns in his head
we think it might be a sign

jesus they cry hes a hell of a guy
yeah he turned medusa to stone
with a basilisks eye and a gorgons hide
then he buried them dinosaur bones

he captured all the pokemon
in his holy pokeballs
he fixed the umps and referees
so they'd make perfect calls

its like the secret handshake to the sucker club
the password to the door is are you gullible enough
and now he's coming after sinners and he's gonna make them pay
send a check and you can be saved

jesus they cry hes a hell of a guy
feeds the poor and heals the sick
woke up a mans dead daughter and he walked on the water
we're pretty sure it wasnt a trick

jesus they cried hes a hell of a guy
and he plays a mean guitar
he can fly in the sky, knows all the digits of pi
he helped simba beat scar

faster than a speeding bullet
and stronger than a moose
he even won a ping pong game
against that asshole zeus
Track Name: here it comes
Here it comes here it comes here it comes

are you ready? You think you could be?
You've been waiting for this day

are you happy? You think you're happy?
Are you ready to learn the truth?